Polypropylene Mesh Fiber

Dawnview™ PPSF Concrete Fiber

Dawnview™  Polypropylene Mesh Fiber is manufactured using polypropylene fiber material, forming a mesh-like fiber structure. This mesh fiber possesses high strength, flexibility, and outstanding tensile properties. It is widely used as a reinforcement material in civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, and soil stabilization projects. The Polypropylene Mesh Fiber enhances the tensile strength of soil, disperses loads, improves soil stability, and provides resistance against impacts.

Civil Engineering: Controls soil cracks, soil retention, and slope reinforcement.

Building Construction: Prevents wall cracks, waterproofs roofs, and reinforces protective layers.

Agriculture and Horticulture: Covers greenhouses, retains soil moisture, and protects plant root systems.

Environmental Engineering: Covers waste, filters water bodies, and facilitates soil remediation.

Sports Facilities and Parks: Reinforces and maintains artificial turf, tracks, and sports fields.

Enhanced tensile strength: The Polypropylene Mesh Fiber provides superior tensile strength to reinforced materials, offering increased structural stability and load-bearing capacity.

Flexibility and adaptability: This fiber exhibits excellent flexibility, allowing it to conform to different shapes and surfaces during reinforcement applications.

Improved crack resistance: The Polypropylene Mesh Fiber effectively controls and restricts crack propagation in concrete and other construction materials, enhancing their durability.

Reinforcement efficiency: This fiber provides uniform distribution and optimal reinforcement, minimizing the risk of localized stress concentrations and enhancing overall structural performance.

Easy installation: The Polypropylene Mesh Fiber is easy to handle, cut, and install, making it a convenient choice for various construction projects.

Do You Offer OEM Services ?

Yes, we offer both OEM and ODM services. If you can provide us with samples or detailed specifications, it will be easier for us to produce the products according to your requirements.

What Can I Buy From Your Company ?

We specialize in the production of premium-grade geotextiles, geomembranes, geogrids, geocell and other geosynthetic polyethylene fiber materials, etc.

What’s The Minimum Order (MOQ) For This Item ?

Our MOQ for this item is only 1 piece.

Is Sample Free ?

Free Samples Can Be Provided For Quality Inspection.

How Can You Guarantee Quality ?

We perform a pre-production sample before mass production and conduct a final inspection before shipment. Our company has a comprehensive QC system, and we keep samples from each batch of products for up to 5 years.

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We offer various delivery methods including sea, air, and express (DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, etc.) shipment. We also welcome your appointed shipping agent to pick up the goods from our factory.

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We control the production process from start to finish. Our direct factory-to-consumer approach ensures top-quality synthetics at competitive prices.

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We are an Alibaba Assessed Supplier and offer a trade assurance order for added financial security. We also provide full after-sales services, including free replacements and refunds for any quality issues.

Construction Engineering:

Used for concrete reinforcement, foundation stabilization, and support of underground structures.

Road and Bridge Construction:

Employed for strengthening and improving the durability of asphalt pavements and concrete road bases.

Soil and Environmental Protection:

Applied for soil stabilization, erosion control, and prevention of soil settlement.

Hydraulic Engineering:

Utilized for seepage prevention, protection, and reinforcement of dams and waterways.

Mining and Underground Engineering:

Enhances coal mine support, tunnel reinforcement, and stability of underground spaces.

ASTM Quality Standard:

  • ASTM C1116
  • ASTM D7508

GB Quality Standard:

  • GB T 21120-2018

Dawnview™ Polypropylene Mesh Fiber Technical Data Sheets  TDS Download
Dawnview™ Polypropylene Mesh Fiber Material Safety Data Sheet  MSDS Download
Dawnview™ Polypropylene Mesh Fiber Certificate of Analysis  COA Download
Dawnview™ Polypropylene Mesh Fiber Guidebook  Download

Type: Micro Monofilament
Tensile Strength: ≥650MPa
Elastic Modulas: >5000MPa
Melting Point: 160-170°c
Elongation at break: 0.91 (±0.01%) g/cm3
Acid&Alkali Resistance: Excellent
Size: 3-19mm


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