Solutions to Concrete Challenges

Dawnview™Concrete Fibers Technology

Dawnview™ concrete fibers provide a comprehensive solution addressing a multitude of challenges associated with concrete structures. Be it resisting corrosion, controlling cracks, enhancing durability, improving surface treatment, increasing flexural strength, or creating lightweight concrete, concrete fibers present an ideal choice. They embody a holistic approach towards the betterment of concrete applications, standing as a testament to innovation and versatility in the industry.

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Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion Resistance.

The battle with corrosion is a fundamental challenge when dealing with concrete. Rust, in its least harmful form, can cause unsightly stains on your concrete and at its worst, it can cause structural failure. Furthermore, mix designs intended to compensate for freeze/thaw conditions increase the potential for corrosion through oxidation, as they enable water to more easily enter the concrete. These factors create a perfect environment for reinforcement corrosion. Fortunately, Dawnview™ concrete fibers present an ideal solution. Unlike rebar or welded wire mesh, these fibers will not rust, providing the necessary structural reinforcement.

Crack Control.

Concrete cracking, often resulting from shrinkage or inadequate surface hydration due to rapid bleed water evacuation, is a prevalent issue. Multimesh, with its hydrophilic fibers, has been proven to reduce craze cracking by slowing the flow of bleed water. Similarly, Dawnview™ products are known to minimize cracking in concrete by multidimensionally resisting shrinkage forces that cause cracking.
Crack Control.


In the context of durability, it’s important to note that the energy of an impact or abrasion to your concrete is typically concentrated on a small piece of your concrete, which is inherently brittle. To mitigate this, Dawnview™ concrete fibers can distribute these forces throughout the concrete, allowing the whole piece to share the load. This creates an internal network of tensile strength, minimizing the size and amount of cracks, chips, and pops that could potentially occur.

Enhanced Finish.

Maintaining a balance between form and function can sometimes be a challenge. Some products might provide adequate crack control, but leave highly visible fibers or even rust stains in the case of some steel fibers. Dawnview™ Synthetic fibers, however, are able to blend with the color of the surrounding surface and don’t split into smaller fibers during the finishing process. With their translucent appearance and mono-filament configuration, these fibers have been shown to provide a low visibility and “no-fuzz” finish.
Enhanced Finish
Flexural Strength

Flexural Strength.

Concrete that spans a distance will be under flexural stress. This means you are relying on only a small part of your concrete to handle a significant part of your load. However, Dawnview™ concrete fibers have been proven to distribute a flexural load throughout the whole of the concrete by creating a matrix of added tensile strength.


If your goal is lightweight concrete, then metal reinforcement isn’t your answer. You need a product with comparable strength, but a lower density. Dawnview™ Concrete fiber products have been shown to significantly increase the compressive and flexural strength of a concrete mix with only a minimal increase in weight (1.3 Specific Gravity), making them an ideal solution.