Concrete Fiber Used in slabs

The Application of Concrete Fiber in Slabs

The application of concrete fiber in slabs has revolutionized the construction industry. This article will delve into the common application scenarios, functional roles, and benefits of using concrete fiber in slabs.

What is concrete fiber used for in slabs?

Concrete fiber finds its application in various types of slabs, including:
  • Residential/Light Commercial Slabs:

In these settings, concrete fiber can provide additional strength and durability to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

  • Commercial Slabs:

In commercial environments, concrete fiber can provide higher load-bearing capacity to handle greater traffic and the use of heavy equipment.

  • Industrial and Heavy Industrial Slabs:

In these settings, concrete fiber can provide extreme strength and durability to withstand the continuous use of heavy machinery and equipment.

  • Extended Joint and Overlays:

In these applications, concrete fiber can provide additional strength to prevent the formation and propagation of cracks.

Benefits of Dawnview™ Concrete Fiber in slabs applications.

  • Control of Shrinkage Cracking:

Concrete shrinks during the hardening process, which can lead to the formation of cracks. Concrete fiber can restrain this shrinkage cracking by creating a multi-dimensional network of tensile strength within the concrete.

  • Enhanced Durability:

Concrete fiber can increase the durability of concrete, enabling it to better resist wear and environmental impacts.

  • Replacement for Traditional Rebar:

Concrete fiber can serve as an alternative to traditional rebar, providing similar strength and durability but with faster installation and lower cost.

  • Superior Finishing Ability:

Concrete fiber can provide a smoother, more uniform surface, enhancing the overall appearance of the concrete.

  • Significant Cost Savings:

Concrete fiber is cheaper than traditional rebar and faster to install, significantly reducing the overall cost of a project.

The application of Dawnview™ concrete fiber in slabs offers a powerful, durable, and cost-effective solution for the construction industry, promising to play an even greater role in future building projects.


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