Concrete Precast

Concrete Fiber Used in Concrete Precast

By adopting innovative Dawnview™ fiber reinforcement solutions, precast concrete manufacturers can significantly enhance their production efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality, and comply with industry standards. In a fiercely competitive market environment, this capability is invaluable.

Dawnview™ Concrete Fiber has a wide range of applications within the precast industry.

  • Tunnel Segments

Dawnview™ Concrete Fiber helps in controlling shrinkage cracking in tunnel segments, making them more resistant to freeze/thaw weathering and corrosion. It increases the waterproofing capacity, slowing down the movement of water within the concrete, thus decreasing its permeability.

  • Vaults, Tanks & Containers

In structures such as septic tanks and burial vaults, Dawnview™ Concrete Fiber can replace wire mesh reinforcements, significantly reducing labor costs and time. This synthetic fiber adds a level of toughness to the concrete and has the ability to hold potential cracks together tightly.

  • Pipes

Dawnview™ Concrete Fiber improves the production efficiency of precast concrete pipes by replacing traditional steel reinforcement, offering equivalent strength without the need for labor-intensive setup.

  • Wall & Tilt-Up

In wall and tilt-up applications, Dawnview™ Concrete Fiber increases the durability and corrosion resistance of the concrete. It provides better control over shrinkage cracking, which is crucial in vertical applications to maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity.

Benefits of Dawnview™ Concrete Fiber in precast applications.

  • Control Shrinkage Cracking

Cracks caused by concrete shrinkage are unattractive and can make precast concrete vulnerable to freeze/thaw weathering and corrosion. Studies have shown that polypropylene fibers, like Dawnview™ Concrete Fiber, can reduce free plastic shrinkage by about 30%.

  • Increase Waterproofing

Dawnview™ Concrete Fiber slows the movement of water through tiny channels within the concrete, decreasing its permeability, and thus enhancing its waterproofing capability.

  • Better Corrosion Resistance

Corrosives can cause structural failure if they are able to compromise rebar or wire mesh reinforcements. In applications where Dawnview™ Concrete Fiber can replace steel reinforcement, the threat of rust can be eliminated entirely.

  • Improve Production Efficiency

Setting up wire mesh requires time and labor. Using Dawnview™ Concrete Fiber in place of Welded Wire Mesh means you get the equivalent strength of WWM without the hassle.

  • Reduced Cracking

It provides better control over shrinkage cracking, leading to a more aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound precast component.

  • Superior Durability

The fiber enhances the toughness of the concrete, making it more durable and resistant to environmental factors such as freeze/thaw weathering and corrosion.

  • Reduced Labor Costs

By replacing traditional wire mesh with Dawnview™ Concrete Fiber, you can reduce labor costs and time.

  • Reduced Project Time

The use of Dawnview™ Concrete Fiber improves production efficiency, leading to a reduction in overall project time.


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