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The Application of Concrete Fiber in Composite Metal Deck

The application of concrete fibers in Composite Metal Decks has been a significant advancement in the construction industry. Dawnview™, a leading company in the field, has been at the forefront of this development.

For over 12 years, Dawnview™’s reinforcing fibers have been successfully used in elevated slab concrete applications. Designers and specifiers have discovered that significant cost savings can be achieved when Dawnview™’s three-dimensional fibers are used as an alternative to wire mesh reinforcement. The handling of the wire mesh, the time necessary to place it, and additional provisions required during concrete placement to ensure the safety of the workers and equipment, all combine to justify the use of Dawnview™’s family of fibers.

One important characteristic when considering fiber reinforcement in elevated slab applications is an appropriate fire rating. Dawnview™’s monofilament fibers and fibrillated fibers are approved at a dosage rate of 1.5 pounds per cubic yard for use in D700 and D800 series decks as an alternative or in addition to welded wire fabric. Dawnview™’s macro-synthetic fibers are approved for usage in all D700, D800, and D900 series decks as an alternative to welded wire fabric at a dosage rate up to 5.0 pounds per cubic yard.

The benefits of using Dawnview™'s fibers in Composite Metal Decks are numerous:

Firstly, it provides superior durability, ensuring the longevity of the structure. Secondly, it offers excellent crack control, maintaining the structural integrity of the concrete. Thirdly, the fibers can be easily mixed, pumped, and placed, making the construction process more efficient. Lastly, it results in a superior finish of the concrete surface.

In terms of efficiency, safety, and reinforcement, fiber-reinforced decks have a clear advantage. They can be placed and finished faster than traditional methods, often in the time it would take just to place the mesh. This also makes the job site safer as there is no mesh to trip over.

Furthermore, the use of smaller reinforcement materials results in smaller deflections and strain, leading to a stronger deck. The fibers also control shrinkage cracking, which slows down damage from corrosives and freeze/thaw cycles, resulting in a tougher deck.


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